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Independent analysts at Great Place to Work® have crunched the numbers and determined that Signature HealthCARE is, indeed, a great workplace. Signature HealthCARE earned this distinction in 2018 based on extensive ratings given by its stakeholders in anonymous surveys.

“At Signature, we are made of passionate people caring for other people,” CEO and President Joe Steier said. “To see that our stakeholders truly find meaning in offering the highest quality healthcare we can, means we will continue to lead the healthcare revolution from the front.”

 With innovative programs, such as Pinnacle, a CNA Career Ladder, Administrator-in-Training and the Hall of Fame, Signature is committed to be a caring workplace. 92 percent of Signature HealthCARE stakeholders said “My work has special meaning. This is not ‘just a job.’” And 88 percent of Signature HealthCARE stakeholders said, “I’m proud to tell others I work here.”