Hall of Fame

Shining Stars. Resident Mrs. Mary Jo Anderson was inducted in our 2013 Hall of fame. She is our Mail Delivery go to person. She has found great purpose in being the bearer of good news. She awakens daily with excitement and expectation to greet her fellow residents as she delivers their mail. “God daily loads her with benefits”.

She found purpose once again! After coming to our facility faced with disappointment, she received a life changing message that “God has placed her right where she needs to be” who would have thought that it would be “delivering mail”. At the Hall of fame, she was beyond blessed by a great show of support by a whooping 47 guests of family and friends who came to celebrate her. Whoop, whoop! What a special lady!

On that same day; Resident Mrs. Eva Roberts was inducted in our 2013 Hall of Fame. She is a very active participant in all our festivities. She is a regular attendee of our Interfaith Service and spreads her cheer with a warm smile telling the world that God is good! And guess what? Hip, Hip, Hip, Hurray! It was also her birthday! A grand big whooping 104th!

Congratulations to our whooping ladies!