Mr. Herold Hemphill was admitted to Signature of Marietta’s ExceleratedCARE unit on 12/4/13 after having a total knee replacement. He presented with decreased strength and range of motion, increased pain and an increased need for assistance from staff.

Within 24 hours, an individualized treatment plan was created which included therapeutic exercises and activities, gait training, modality applications and patient/caregiver training. Mr. Hemphill made tremendous progress and within a week was able to walk from five feet to 75 feet, greatly surpassing his original goal of 25 feet. When asked about his experience, he said, “I love the staff here. The nurses and nursing assistants are right on top of things, and the rehab department is second to none.”

After less than 3 weeks, we were able to transition him home with home health as he continued the road to recovery. Because of his perseverance and determination, Signature chose Mr. Hemphill as our success story of the week!

– Tish Lang