Visitation Guidelines According to CMS & Signature HealthCARE Core Principles

In light of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) November 12, 2021 new guidelines, Signature HealthCARE facilities now can allow responsible and fully open visitation for all our residents and families. What an exciting time as our doors open even wider with love and care!

Because our resident population still remains vulnerable to COVID-19, our facilities will follow and enforce The Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention. We hope and expect all visitors will follow these rules. So please take note:

  1. Outdoor visits are preferred, as they pose the lowest risk of virus exposure and transmission, unless a resident’s condition, privacy concerns, or weather does not permit this. But we know the weather is quickly changing and those beautiful fall days are almost behind us!
  2. When indoor visitation occurs, we will:
    • Not permit entrance to anyone who is COVID-19 positive, has symptoms of COVID-19, or currently meets the criteria for quarantine. Every visitor will be screened before entry.
    • Encourage frequent hand washing and use of alcohol-based sanitizer.
    • Require visitors to wear a face covering or mask (for the mouth and nose) and follow 6 feet distancing.

**We hope all will adhere to these guidelines, but any visitor who does not follow the Core Principles and Facility’s COVID- 19 Visitation Rules will regrettably be asked to leave and/or not be permitted to visit.

  1. Visitation Specifics
    • Residents can have visitors any time they choose, so long as it does not interfere with another resident’s rights or pose a need for reasonable clinical or safety restriction reasons.
    • Visits will have as much privacy as possible, understanding the Facility will monitor visitor adherence to The Core Principles.
    • If a resident and all their visitor(s) are fully vaccinated (and the resident is not moderately or severely immunocompromised), all persons may choose not to wear face coverings and have physical contact during the visit. Hug time! Otherwise, visitors must wear face coverings when around other persons in the facility and follow the six feet physical distancing rule. The Facility is not required to provide visitors with required face masks and other personal protective equipment. If a visitor does not have same, visitation may not occur. So please remember to bring your masks.
    • Unvaccinated residents may have physical touch during visitation based on their preferences and needs if they can understand and acknowledge the potential virus transmission and exposure risks involved.
    • Visitors do not have to be vaccinated for COVID-19, but it is strongly encouraged. By law, the Facility can ask any visitor about vaccination status and record the visitor’s response. If a visitor refuses to disclose his/her status, the visitor will be required to wear a mask at all times during visitation.

“As we continue to navigate this on-going pandemic and adhere to the guidelines of CMS, we hope our residents, families, staff, this nation, and our world are on a precipice of overcoming this on-going pandemic,” said Joe Steier, President and CEO of Signature HealthCARE.

“The safety of our residents, families, and staff remain our top priority and it will take all of us being diligent, looking out for one another, to get there. We have amazing residents, families, and staff, and I know we’ll get there. We can do it.”