“Every revolution needs an army.”

The Signature Service Corps serves people in our communities and our stakeholders with compassion. Volunteers in the Signature Service Corps offer fellowship and support including: volunteering or donating time, leading an emergency relief initiative, preparing meals for the hungry, visiting stakeholders or their family members in the hospital, circulating sympathy cards for those in need of loving encouragement, as well as many other kinds of active help wherever it is most needed.


To elevate the quality of life of our residents, their families and our dedicated stakeholders through a community partnership and a spirit of service.


The Signature Service Corps revolutionizes the long-term care industry through recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers in order to enhance quality of life and bring joy to our residents, their families, our stakeholders and our community.

If you would like to volunteer, please visit www.signaturevolunteer.com. We will connect you with volunteer opportunities in your local community.

Volunteers don’t need any special skills or talents. Your time and a desire to contribute to someone else’s happiness is all it takes. From building relationships one-on-one or helping with Quality of Life activities, volunteer opportunities at Signature HealthCARE offer a fit for everyone:

  • One-to-one visits
  • Open front door
  • Play checkers with residents
  • Take residents for wheelchair rides
  • Magazine cart
  • Correspondence—cards & letters
  • Filling up bird feeders
  • Lead supplemental art class
  • Lead supplemental crafts class
  • Employee birthday and anniversary cards
  • Manicure services
  • Help with Blue Belle Society
  • Help with Men’s groups
  • Arrange flowers donated by funeral homes
  • Pick up funeral flowers
  • Deliver newspapers