Mr. Newell admitted to SHC of Marietta with severe osteoarthritis and knee pain. When he first arrived he could barely stand without severe pain. After several weeks of consistent physical and occupational therapy, Mr. Newell was able to ambulate with minimal assistance using his rolling walker. During my interview with Mr. Newell, he expressed that he was 90 years old and had lived a long life. I could tell by the glare in his eyes that he had a testimony to share. He went on to explain how being here was a rotten situation but how he couldn’t have chosen a better place to do therapy.

“I can’t say enough good things about SHC of Marietta and the people who work here. The treatment and level of care in this place is phenomenal. My therapists Brittany, Don, Alise, Linda, Renee, Suzanne and Jasmine are marvelous. Sheila is also phenomenal. Gosh, she is good and smart and has helped me a great deal. I have terrific nurses and cnas. They are efficient and love the hell out of me. They baby me. My physician, Dr. Kwame has a great sense of humor and I enjoy teasing him about his ties.”

Signature Healthcare of Marietta is simply phenomenal!


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